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Reserver tid med Folkekortet

Looking for a world class facility for your next camp?

The Sola facility is one of the best tracks in the world and frequently used by the Dutch National Team to prepare for Championships.
The track is built by Velotrack and opened in 2021. It is homologated by the UCI as a CAT1 velodrome. Located only 5 mins from Sola Airport this venue is accessible from most greater airports in Europe.

The track:

  • 250m Cat1 track
  • Timetronics timekeeping and Veloti local timingsystem for training on display screens, app or website.
  • Timetronics startgates
  • Wattbikes for warmup or training
  • Fully adjustable lighting and ventilation
  • 21-26 degree celsius all year
  • Super Soco TC Max motorbike for pacing. Max speed 95km/h


  • 2 Fully equiped gym for cyclists
  • Alphatek force-velocity plattform
  • Cafe and catering possibility for teams
  • Great Flat Whites for sprinters…..

Everything else:

  • Close to several hotels nearby, the riders can ride to the track in 5min
  • Daily flights to/from Europe
  • Huge network of roads, great for roadcycling if you want to go hilly or flat


If interested, contact arena manager:

Sebastian Kartfjord –